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Christina and Cory Are Engaged !!

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

6 months ago, in one of NYC’s most prestigious hotels, Cory proposed! After a day of reliving one of our first dates: roof top at Eataly for oysters, charcuterie and negronis we headed North to walk around Rockefeller Center and see the tree and do a little shopping. Cory, being super cute was carrying a bag around as if his life depended on it. After we took the quintessential tree photos he surprised me by booking a suite at the St Regis, where Cory decorated our room with candles and champagne. There it happened. He asked me to marry him! All captured on his 3d phone camera. Super sweet and romantic!

So…. what have I been doing these past 6 months?? As a planner, you’d think I had it all figured out by now... but the truth is, I couldn’t decide on what I wanted for my own wedding!! I help so many couples make their wedding visions come to reality but when I thought about my own… I was stuck! Maybe it’s because I see SO many different awesome ideas and styles that I wasn’t sure what MY style was. Well, it took a little soul searching, but I finally started making plans!

Follow my journey every week and I’ll fill you in on all of my details all of the way up to my wedding day! December 29, 2018!

Last month I asked for help with a hashtag…we’ve decided on #ItsBoberTime.!


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