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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Welcome Gift

Below are some of our favorite welcome gifts and tips on how to make it personal and fun!

Welcome gifts have become a popular way for couples to give their guests a sweet surprise as they check in to their hotels, also doubling as a way to incorporate a note explaining the weekend's events. We've seen plenty of styles of welcome gifts- as simple as kraft paper bags to burlap wine totes to boxes or baskets. Read on for steps on creating the perfect gift for your guests within your budget!

  • First, make sure you create a budget for this. It can add up quickly!

  • Create a welcome note📜- say a small "welcome" and "thank you", remind guests of the weekend itinerary and include some fun local places "to do" for out of towners !

  • Choose a vessel to hold your goodies - bags, boxes, totes ...

  • Something sweet🍪 maybe a local baked good or custom cookie with your initials or date on it

  • Something salty🥨 individual packs of salted cashews, pretzels or chips

  • A beverage 💦 customized water bottles or something local such as cider during the fall or a can from a local brewery. 🥂.possibilities are endless here!

  • Something personal that represents you! Maybe a favorite snack or something that has a backstory - make sure to include that story in your note!

  • A little bit of a "care kit" - aspirin, bandaids, mints and tide sticks

  • Something we LOVED this year was a product called wine wipes... for your teeth when drinking 🍷 wine! Great idea!

  • Individual packets of sunscreen or personalized sunglasses😎for outdoor weddings or a make-your-own hot cocoa for winter weddings.🍫❄️

  • Of course, not ALL of this needs to be included. Pick and choose what works for you!

Want a more simple approach: attach your welcome note to a large bottle of water distribute upon check in with some chocolates or candies.

Most importantly; Check in with your hotel first on any guidelines or costs associated with handing out welcome gifts.



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