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One Month Until Our Wedding!

With our busy wedding season behind us, I blinked and all of a sudden...ONE MONTH TO GO! Cory and I are so ecstatic but now it's really important to stay on target with our last month of "to - dos". I always guide my couples so easily through this last month, confident that we've turned over every stone and dotted all of our i's. It's now time for me to do this for myself....so we'll take you into my weekly journey until December 29th!

This week, my main focus was finalizing my floor plan and choosing my tablescape.

I also had a dress fitting which felt so real! Picked out a veil and chose between 2 shoes that I couldn't decide on! No sneak peek here until Dec.29th ;)

I picked out the most fun wedding party gifts.

Cory picked out his tux...so handsome! Also no sneak peeks yet!

I had my last floral meeting and the BEST part about it all... is that I really don't have any idea what she's going to create !! It's all a surprise and it's so fun to have a trusted florist to make this happen for us! @dianegaudettflorals

Let's see what next week brings!

So many choices, what will we choose?


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