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So We're Engaged, Now What?! The Venue Search is #1

The very first MOST important step to your wedding planning is finding a venue!! It dictates so much including your date, style, what's included and what you need to bring in, and so much more. Without a date and a venue, there's no planning!

Being a planner, I see so many amazing venues and to be honest, when I'm caught up in a client's wedding , I feel like it could me mine also! I imagine having my wedding at all of these venues I work in. The reality is... I needed to find my own venue that I knew would be perfect for Cory and I. We are having a smaller wedding and really wanted the cozy, comfortable vibe for our guests. Although we can get fancy now and then, we really are down to earth and wanted a wedding that reflected our likes and personalities as a couple.

We found the Inn at Millrace Pond in Hope NJ! Built in 1769, it is a rustic retreat with an amazing chef and tavern atmosphere that makes you feel right at home!

Check it out here www.innnatmillracepond.com

and follow their hashtag for real wedding pics #innatmillracepond . We cannot be more thrilled and to think that we found it while searching other venues. We just stopped in for lunch on a whim one day and the rest is history!



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