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Things to Know to Find the Perfect Dress

Dress shopping can be the MOST fun and the most stressful at the same time! Lace, Satin, Tulle, Charmeuse, Brocade, Chiffon? Structured, Flowing or Ballroom fittings?

I knew exactly what I wanted until I started shopping!! I followed ONE simple rule and it helped me finally find the perfect dress...KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Not all dresses and materials are made for every woman's body type. The dress you see on Instagram or Pinterest suddenly becomes hideous when you put it on!

It took maybe 5 stores and a couple of glasses of wine but I finally decided on THE dress. And it was not what I expected to love. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in it!!!

So here is what to keep in mind:

1. Bring your most HONEST person with you whether it's your mom, maid of honor or just a friend that you know will tell you exactly what you need to hear!

2. Don't be upset if you hate your first dress! Keep going, the perfect one is out there!

3. Keep an OPEN MIND as said above...I cannot say it enough!

4. Find a GREAT seamstress

5. Don't settle for something you really like... you have to LOVE it!

6. Make sure you go to a store that you can touch, feel and see all of your options!

Unfortunately, I cannot post any pictures of my process or my final dress because it's a surprise !

Your dream dress is out there , I promise!

Photo credits from top to bottom:

Dideo Films Production , Idalia Photography , Kelly Kollar Photography

Brides from top to bottom:

Ariah , Casey, Beth


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