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Wedding Postponed because of COVID-19? Here's a list of what you can do now!

You've made the extremely difficult decision to postpone your wedding. It has been emotional and devastating and we have been there with our couples through it all - tears included. Once everything is settled, guests have been notified and all vendors have been placed for the new date; now is the time to keep your wedding planning alive! Start all of the projects that you now have lots of time to do.

Here's a list of ideas to keep you busy during this time:

1. Research and decide on your wedding party gifts.

2. Decide on favors.

3. Work on welcome bag ideas for your hotel guests.

4. Write your vows!

5. Decide on your personal design items - escort card ideas, monogrammed napkins, pashminas, flip flops, welcome and ceremony signs - the list goes on and on! And Etsy is still there for you!

6. Work on your ceremony outline with your officiant (virtually of course!)- decide on readings and traditions that you'd like to incorporate.

7. Pick out your song options with your DJ and Band.

8. Work on your registry online.

We know this time is stressful for everyone but planning these details will make you happy and also push you WAY ahead of the game... so when you kick back in to high gear, these things will be checked off your list! You can truly enjoy the rest of the planning!

Also, don't forget to do something special on your "first wedding date". This date has meant something to you for a long time. Don't disregard your feelings on that day. Pop open a bottle, order some yummy dinner, dance to your song in your living room and maybe recite some mini "vows" to each other.

We are here to help navigate through this difficult time. We cannot wait to see you all soon!

cover photo credit: Tim Ryan


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